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First off, the name of our website does not mean our casinos are "just OK" - it means that they accept players from America; i.e. They are good to go, or OK to play for you.
In fact they are the very best reputable US casinos online today, especially selected after extensive research, meeting their reps and our 22 years experience of playing online.
Sadly many other casino review sites that we've seen will list ANY casino just to make a few bucks, including rogue, unregulated rip-off sites, some of which are run by criminals!
There are 100's of bad sites on the internet today - don't let those guys fool YOU.

Our casinos are 100% safe and fair - that's guaranteed!

You may think this website looks pretty crap compared to other review sites you may have seen - and you'd be right! That's because I am not a professional web designer, marketer or huge company with multiple employees - I am just a normal casino player who stated making websites to help his fellow players find the best casinos to try.
On this website I have written every word and created all the images (and even some casino banners) all by myself using very basic software.  So you know that any reviews here are by a real money real player who has actually experienced what he is writing about!
Thanks for reading.

Online Casinos: USA Recent History
Most Americans are aware that the US Government tried to stop their citizens playing at online casinos with the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006*. Of course it is actually impossible to enforce this bill because of the internet's global web which gives everyone access to services from all countries of the world.
So unfortunately the only result of the bill was to drive away casinos who were publicly listed, licensed and regulated in the UK or Europe, or with American interests; i.e. the most responsible and respected casinos in the world.

This left Americans with just a few dozen top class off-shore casinos, and masses of rogues who simply do not give a damn!  This site ONLY lists the good guys.

* Please note that this Bill does NOT make it illegal for individual Americans to gamble online, it's power only reaches as far as the casinos themselves and the banks & financial institutions, who are not allowed to process gaming transactions.   Millions of Americans still enjoy regular online gaming, albeit with a limited choice of sites and payment methods to use.

Since the Bill was passed there has been a steady growth in new off-shore casinos competing for the American market - some good, some not so good. The purpose of this site is to guide Americans to only the best, trustworthy & honest online casinos.
All the casinos listed on this site have excellent records of player fairness & satisfaction, and they can be patronized with confidence.
Our advice for anyone looking at a casino not listed here is do your homework! Use a search engine to look for any problems with them, or contact us for a totally unbiased option:
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To hear why the creator of this website is so well qualified to give expert advice on online casinos that are OK for USA players, please see our Beginner's Guide Page


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